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Creatr is a small team of dedicated educators. Founded in 2012, Creatr has a history of providing high-quality classses, workshops, and tutoring services to students of all ages and skill levels. Read more about the teachers and method.


Offering high-quality tutoring, test prep, and coaching for high school, college, and adult students, Creatr’s mission is to provide every student an assortment of skills they need to succeed in school and outside the classroom. These skills include technical knowledge but also organizational habits, self-regulatory behavior, and meta-cognitive abilities. Creatr takes all this into account when developing a customized learning plan for each student.

Creatr sets itself apart from major tutoring companies by keeping class sizes small and providing each student with a customized learning path. This is student-centered education: every step of the way we keep our students in mind. Personalities are like fingerprints – everyone’s is a little different. Instead of striving for everyone to have the same experience, Creatr strives to make sure each student has a unique experience.

What people say about Creatr

  • Our daughter wanted to pursue a degree within the pre medical realm. Coming from an extremely competitive high school her class rank was not high enough make that happen and her PSAT score was fair. After evaluating several programs, meeting with tutors we felt that Daniel was the best choice. He got to know our daughter, assessed her strengths, and created a personalized program to help work on maximizing her testing strengths. This is key because not all kids learn or test the same and most programs teach to the mass not at an individual level. After two months just 1 session per week her score came up 350 points on the SAT and 4 points on the ACT. Securing not only admission but scholarship monies. She is now currently a neuroscience (pre med) major going into her sophomore year at CU Boulder.

    May, 2019
  • I just finished my sophomore year at Baylor, and Daniel has helped me tremendously this past year in Calculus and Physics. Since I was living in Waco, he would hold our weekly tutoring sessions over Skype and would pull up a white board and go through homework problems with me or anything I was having trouble on. Something I think that helped me the most was that Daniel would try to relate whatever material I was learning back to the real world by explaining it to me or sending me a link to a YouTube video, which I really appreciated. I definitely recommend Daniel as a tutor if you want to excel in your classes!

    May, 2016
  • Daniel has been an outstanding Math and Physics tutor for my son. He was especially helpful with Algebra 2 and is always available to answer a quick question – even outside of normal tutoring sessions. His end of semester group sessions have also been effective in getting the kids ready for finals. In addition, he is extremely flexible in scheduling the individual tutoring sessions – working with our schedule by alternating face-to-face and Skype sessions as needed. His patience and guidance helped restore my son’s confidence during a rough time.

    February, 2016
  • My son was failing a college business statistics class and was getting ready to drop it. Daniel with BrightBrain was highly recommended to us and we quickly learned why. Not only is he extremely smart with an awesome talent of being able to help others, he is friendly, conscientious, and very dependable. At first I was a little skeptical about tutoring via Skype, but after just one session and talking to my son on the phone and hearing his relief and renewed confidence – I was definitely a believer! So whether in person or through Skype, Daniel is an amazing tutor and you can absolutely count on him to make a huge difference in your student’s success.

    June, 2015

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